Wednesday – Home Work Out Day (Squat Day)


  • Plain Chobani Greek yogurt, banana, raspberries, walnuts
  • 1 cup of coffee with a bit of creamer and sugar

1 Google bottle full of water before lunch


  • 7 pork wontons with soy sauce

I baked pumpkin cream cheese muffins and had one after lunch (DELICIOUS!)

And I finished another Google bottle of water in the afternoon


  • Light string cheese
  • Another pumpkin cream cheese muffin (SO YUMMY!)

I ended up baking a second batch of pumpkin cream cheese muffins, this time they were gluten free. I substituted wheat flour for soy flour and glutenous rice flour….so I had a sample.


  • 2 breaded and baked chicken strips with marinara (AND HOMEGROWN BASIL!), small serving of rice (probably 1/4 cup), and fresh steamed broccoli and baby carrots


Post dinner workout:

Squats                  BW/20          BW/20          BW/20          BW/20          BW/20

Plank                    30 sec          30 sec          30 sec

Dumbbell Curls     5/30          5/30

Overhead Triceps   5/20          5/20






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